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Amore, Amicizia, e Risa


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Monday : Nov/27/2006
i have a new livejournal

my username is peaceachance


thanks j-net for the help
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help needed [
Monday : Nov/27/2006
I need help to get my layout working
any voulnteers?
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concerts [
Saturday : Nov/18/2006
sesame street (x2)
clay aiken (x3)
kelly clarkson (x2)
black eyed peas
jessica simpson
american idol
maroon 5
jet (x2 and meet & greet)
marley brothers
nine black alps
rock kills kid (met)
the subways (amazing)
the gossip
wolfmother (love them)
red hot chili peppers
mars volta
franz ferdinand
the killers
the shins

going to see:
gnalrs barkley
angels n airwaves
jet (agian haha)
snow patrol
pete yorn
the shins

i've almost seen snowpatrol 3 freaking times i hope they show up
my chemical romance and taking back sunday are going to be there too but i don't like them
at all so i'll just fall asleep
and the shins are bad too, they're just there for the money

i need to update this list because i know not all of it is right
wowzer i've seen a lot of people

american idol live!
clay aiken and kelly clarkson tour (x2)
deck the hall ball
jingle bell bash (eh)
endfest 15
some aussy band tour
theres bound to be more

oh hum pigs bum. yay procrastination
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Friday : Oct/20/2006
[ mood | procastinating ]

why do i always decide to procrastinate on doing my papers
oh jeeze
and grey's anatomy in 37 minutes :)

my knees & ankles hurt and i have a head ache :(

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Saturday : Sep/30/2006
[ mood | annoyed ]

boys are poop.

i boycot boys

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Tuesday : Sep/19/2006
why is my mother such an annoying ass?
and so stupid and has no common sense

my god i fucking hate her.
i don't care what anyone says
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Saturday : Sep/16/2006
[ mood | anxious ]

so my mother brought up patrick agian
becuase she was talking about the HS curriculm night and in choir ms. seaton was talking about how fun it was and that we always have so much fun and we meet new friends, and some of us even meet boyfriends. aka moi.
and my mum was said to me ," and then i realised you're going to see him agian at the festival..and its a good time to make up ..." so i told her to shut up but she won't stop fucking talking about it andi realy just want to slap her and might end up doing something if she doesn't shut the fuck up about it.
im having enough troubles as it is...PLUS ive been having dreams about him, only 3 but it still creeps me out
and im afriad that i'll run into him at hte mall because even though he lives in seattle he ventures over to bellevue quite often and he hangs out with jessica m. because they went to the same summer programme.

my god


i was pissed off at this one girl at school, i don't want ot say who because when i work with her she is just so unorganzied and the things we are working on i like to be organized about. and just every time i see her i get stressed and pissed off

and everday during lunch this week i haven't been sitting in the lounge i've been having meetings or something like that
everyone seems to be happy and social and i feel soo antisocial. that everyone is having a fabulous time and i'm not, like they're saying "oh look theres that weird girl lindsey" or what they're really saying about me behidn my back.

(oh god this is turning into a rant)
like when im with other friends they'll say "oh morgan lee is so cute i love her..." or "tegan is just amazing, who doesn't love her"
i want to know what other people say about me
because im scared that they're saying bad things

and acutally i think im getting pretty anxious and stressed out about work, school, choir everday at 740 am, SATs soon that i haven't started studying for (agian), and College Apps

and i think my hands are shaking now but whatever

im going to go now and do nothing


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Thursday : Sep/14/2006
GAH!! LJ is all spiffy now

for our musical, grease, i'm beging considered for Frenchys understudy :)

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Wednesday : Sep/13/2006
[ mood | confused ]

i feel kinda empty
or that i'm missing out on something in life

i don't know what but...thats how i feel, only half accomplished.

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Saturday : Sep/02/2006
got home from my hair appointment and dad had bought me my mac book :)


great day
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Friday : Sep/01/2006
i'm getting my own car tomorrow :)

and a macbook pro soon
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Monday : Aug/21/2006
hha yay quizzes!!

You Are Smokin' Hot

You're a terrible flirt, a sharp dresser, and a party animal.
Of course, you're totally sizzling too. And for you, being hot just comes naturally.

Your Love Life Secrets Are

Looking back on your life, you will have a few true loves.

You're a little scarred from your past relationships, but who isn't?

You expect a lot from your lover - you want the full package. You tend to be very picky.

In fights, you speak your mind and don't hold back. You know you're right, and you can get quite angry about it.

Getting over a break-up doesn't take long. Easy come, easy go.
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Friday : Aug/18/2006
okay so it's daniel...ivan's brother
and for those of you who don't know who i'm talkign about Ivan is my bestfriend's (taylor) boyfriend.

today my mother talked to me about relationships (aka pat) agian ...i mean wtf.
and im still a little nervy about trust or what not after what happened

i don't know

like making the first move..have i already done that
i dont' think i have
maybe i should
what would i do

but i've seen him the past 2 days
and i think im going to visit him at jamba juice today before i meet farah to do our summer maths homework

i went to seattle today and saw the HMS intercepter from PRIATES AHH IT WAS SOO COOL
then i went to pike place market and we went to the original starbucks and my favourite french bakery
i also got this b&w pictuer of the original starbucks and this really (expensive) pretty bracelet that says "Amore, Amicizia E risa" which is italan for "love, laughter and friendship"

and when mum and i got home there was this film crew on our street doing some political thing
it was really cool, i got some pics

then i talked to cindy wu!! :)


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Thursday : Aug/17/2006
i like a boy
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Tuesday : Aug/15/2006
[ mood | tired ]

so that last entry was just...i was having a moment. haha

today at work was better, there is this new shift supervisor and he is SOOO cute. he has to go through his barista training first and i got to help him today i felt soo knowledgeable.

there was this one woman who i made a frapp for and she said it didn't look twice blended, truthfully i don't remember if i did or not. So i poured it back into the pitcher and blended it agian. and seh said it still didn't taste right, so i made another one. after all of that she said it STILL didn't taste right. she was making me so frustrated! as well as chrissy, she (the costumer) was telling chrissy what was wrong with it and i was on bar so i had to make the other drinks and after i asked chrissy what the customer said and she said she didn't know she wasn't paying attentino. haha that made my day better

OH OH!! ohmygod today must have been the most amusing day ever at work, concerning costumers.
my two favy british men came in and ordered (i know im a nerd for remembering this) "two cups of your finest brewed, as well as your finest banana bread heated and cinimon twist heated for here."

AND this one old wrinkly 50 year old bloke said to me "do you have a boyfriend?" and i said "no" and he said "beacuse i love a girl who wears hoop earrings" i was so falbergasted

THEN this other guy was ordering his drinks, he had a spanish accent, and erica asked if one of his drinks was nonfat and he said, "yes its for pedro, he has to watch his curvy figure."

it just cracked me up.

so tomorrow im getting my hairs cut then going shopping
and tegan's going to sleep over and we're going to watch ivan (taylor's boyfriend) play at a resturant.

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Monday : Aug/14/2006
[ mood | in pain ]

im so tiried and in so much pain right now i feel like crying
but im too tiried to

there's this one spot on my foot like a joint part that really hurts on both feet.

just downloaded tainted love.

i had my photoshoot for the seattle times today it was so much fun
there was 5 of us total and the photographer used a fan

i felt like i was on americas next top model. and he kept on praising me going "Great lindsey! excellent! perfect! exactly what i want...are you a model?"

we're going to be on teh cover of this one thing that comes inside the paper
i'll scan it and post it when it comes out (sept 24)

also i can't decide which senior pics i want to use
i've narrowed it down to 8

PS: i have a new crush and i'm 98% sure he likes me back. i just don't know what to do now

OKAY so i was giong to make this a short entry then go to bed or shower but i don't have enough enegry and this is prob. going to turn ito a rant. infact i think it will be a rant.

so like i've said in other posts i don't cry easily
and right now im crying
i don't know why

prob. stress or maybe im in pain
i don't know

i've been working so much and my knees really hurt after and..

ugh i can't finish this post.
more later.

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Tuesday : Aug/08/2006
wow i haven't been on LJ for a long time
this is going to be a really quick update because i really have to use the bathroom.

work has been interesting and fun im still getting used to the ropes. hopefully i can keep it during school.
today i hung out with morgan lee after i took a 3 hour nap or something. we got ice cream for free at coldstone and then went to target and got school stuff and i bought this painting thing too for my room. and we saw ALISON LO!! <33 :) we need to hang out with her soon.
tomorrow morgan and i are going to get hannah and have a picnic at my house
then i have to get the car and pick up my mum and we're going to borders and maybe macy's and express, maybe victorias secret too??

then i work on friday agian i think and END FEST on saturday im so excited

i REALLY need to start my summer reading and my maths and my emerson essay in order to get my mac
and mum is being so fucking annoying
saying i have a tude problem and that i should appricate my last year of HS and possibly my last year at home.
and she totally flipped becuase i didn't change the toilet paper roll

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Wednesday : Aug/02/2006
[ mood | hungry ]

My last sift at starbucks was fun
although my knees hurt a lot but thats not the point
i got to work bar and do cold drinks
and i felt like i bonded with some of the people there haha (how deep)
they where talking about dane cook and i started talking about it with them and we just started laughing so hard it was fun.
then i slept over at lauren's house...so much fun. but we where both really tired.

then yesterday i spent my enire pay check and babysitting money and allowance at the mall.
i only have $60 from around $300 (a little less) but i still have a $30 check to deposit.

And today is my photo shoot!!
im nervy and excited
its good weather today but i need to pick out my clothes and make sure they're not wrinkeled.
but i'm starting to break out a little on my face...idk if i'm breaking out buti have small bumps on my forehead and there's like a war on one side of my nose



endfest on aug 12 and i haven't found someone to go with yet

i love starbucks
and free drinks

right now idk if im hungry or not . and i don't know what to eat

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Sunday : Jul/23/2006
[ mood | hot ]

Urg..i've got an 8 hour day at starbucks tomorrow
i don't mind it becuase it's cool inside and really really hot outside
but it really hurts to stand for that long
and i always get nervous when i ring up costumers becuase i sitll don't know my way around the till yet and there's so many buttons and the customers get impatient


i was thinking to try and continue this job through the school year but i don't know..i'll have to think about it more carefully

also, i need to start my summer reading and edit my college essay


i'm going to endfest 15!! im so excited, i do'nt know who i'll go with tho..hmm i have 3 people in mind.
but the concert is also on the same day as this family bbq and i really really want to go to that one too!
this week i also babysit twice, my only free free day is on wendsday and saturday

i'm going to get a car soon
and my mac
im so excited

Senior Portraits are on Aug 2 im nervy and excited

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Thursday : Jul/13/2006
[ mood | aggravated ]

ughh so i had to go with my mother to work today so i could have the car for the afternoon
and i told her that i broke up with patrick and she definatly had a nervy b and started crying, and saying things like "i was about to tell you how proud i was" "why didn't you tell me" "why did you break up" "and when we where looking for your winter formal dress, that's all i had in mind" "i was so proud of the gusy you date" (i've only dated one...wtf) "and what about having a boyfriend your senior year"

i really wanted to yell at her "it's my fucking life, not yours."

plus she has noo idea what he did at the cast after party.
fucking a

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